Download WinZip 16.0.9661 (Evaluation)

WinZip is the world’s most popular file compression software with over 20 years experience as the leader in the file compression industry. No other file compression utility is as easy to use or offers such a comprehensive and innovative feature set to help you save time, conserve space, and improve productivity.

WinZip 16.0 introduces new functionality that makes it even easier to compress files and decompress files, encrypt confidential information, share files swiftly and safely, and backup important data automatically. With a powerful new architecture for increased zipping performance, a simplified interface, a groundbreaking desktop gadget, and enhanced file sharing capabilities, this release represents the very best in WinZip technology.

Download WinZip 16.0.9661
More details about WinZip 16.0 please visit WinZip website or click here to enter download WinZip 16.0.9661 (45 day) Evaluation version page.

System Requirements
WinZip 16.0 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

What’s new in WinZip 16.0.9661
WinZip 16.0.9661 builds upon the WinZip performance architecture, delivering further zipping enhancements and contains important updates listed below.

  • Powerful 64-bit zip engine upgrade for maximum zipping speed.
  • Seamless integration with WinZip’s breakthrough file delivery web service, ZipSend.
  • The ability to send very large Zip files (up to 2GB) using ZipSend.
  • Instant access to WinZip’s NEW Facebook app, ZipShare.
  • The ability to zip and post any type of file (up to 20MB) to Facebook using ZipShare.
  • The ability to zip and write files to Blu-ray Disc directly from the WinZip window.
  • The ability to convert other major compression file formats to Zip format.
  • Extended preview functionality for other major compression file formats.
  • The ability to scan and diagnose PC performance issues using WinZip’s built-in System Scanner tool



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